We all face the same challenge!

So ask yourself if you’re motivated to benefit from hours every week spent walking or running or at the gym? Did you hope for more and better results than you’ve achieved so far?

Most likely - because more than 90% fail in reaching their goals. And they don’t fail because of lack of activity - that part is so easy that close to everyone can do it. They fail because they don’t get the right food and nutrition on a regular basis. And why? - because accurate, limited but still satisfying organic food put together to maximize health and fitness is so difficult to do on a daily basis that close to nobody gets it right.

There is no way to create good fitness and weight-loss results without food and nutrition being the key component. But for food to become the most powerful fitness tool it has to serve far beyond instant satisfaction. OnFood has scientifically engineered and developed unique organic food products tailor made to serve motivated people the easiest possible food solution to boost fitness results. 

Beside being delicious organic food with exciting flavors - every OnFood multi-meal delivers what you need to reach your goals and become successful:

  • Calorie accuracy and limitation
  • Optimal and balanced nutrition
  • High protein and fiber
  • Low sugar and sodium
  • Ultimate convenience
  • USDA certified Organic

Everything is wrapped into OnFood’s multi-meals and ready to be enjoyed. It doesn’t get easier!

After the organic ingredients are harvested, OnFood’s meals are not touched by people. All meals are USDA Organic Certified, produced in Oregon, USA and delivered directly to you. 

All you have to bring to the table is motivation and dedication.

If everyone does - then…  Every Body Wins…

Organic food engineered for fitness and health results

By world leading food and nutrition scientists

Every OnFood multi-meal is developed with fitness and health results in mind. World leading food and nutrition scientists from USA’s top universities and food laboratories has together with award winning chefs dedicated a lot of time over the past few years to make the most complicated, difficult and powerful part of fitness, health and weight-loss the easiest one. 

The result is nothing short of amazing: 

Tasty and delicious meals ready to eat - simultaneously they are calorie accurate and limited, filling and satisfying, all based on latest science in sports nutrition, and USDA-Organic Certified, cooked and made in Oregon, USA.  


Professional fitness model after living on OnFood for 3 weeks: 

Oh, snap… Now everyone can get the same results as me. My food regime was what separated me from the rest - it used to be to difficult, expensive and time consuming for most other models. Now, with OnFood available - everyone can get the same results with … minimal effort. 

Actually better results because it’s more accurate and healthy than what I’ve been doing, and it taste great so it’s easy to stick to for a long time to. Wow…

Hallie George