The objective of my journey was to develop a scientific approach to solve the typical obstacles of structured dieting. Most can get through the first few days but so many fail when the fatigue associated with caloric deficit and unsatisfying meals pile up. 

My mission became creating a personalized product that was balanced, had variety, and left consumers satisfied. Ultimately, the main obstacle to reaching your fitness goals comes down to nutrition and consistency. This is because weight and fat loss require maintaining a caloric deficit, which many do not understand. 

So, after years of canned tuna, boiled ham, grilled chicken, rice, and broccoli combined with shakes and bars, I decided to start OnFood with one goal only: 

Eliminate the uncertainty of dieting by creating convenient, organic, calorie accurate solutions based on nutritional science to boost health and fitness results for everyone who wants it!

After years of research and development - in collaboration with some of the world’s leading food and nutrition scientists (such as Kraft Foods, General Mills, Mattson Food Innovation, UC Davis, Truitt Brothers and many more) as well as fitness professionals, we have managed to create unique and convenient organic meals that are the easiest and healthiest way for you to reach your fitness goal.

With OnFood now available I’m happy to turn my old claim around… I used to say only 10% of people trying to lose weight and better their fitness will manage to do so…, with OnFood the most complicated challenge is taken care of - so I’ll claim 90% who actually try will be successful!!! (the 10% who fail will fail no matter what you help them with…;-) 

- Reinhard Rye, Founder


It’s all about food

 OnFood's Organic Multi-Meals deliver every aspect of what healthy, controlled and purposeful eating is all about - besides being delicious, tasty and ultimately convenient.  Today we offer 14 different multi-meals, all available on several calorie levels.  Our multi-meals are taking all thinking, guessing, shopping, preparation and cooking out of the equation - they are serving several purposes simultaneously and are making the most difficult aspect of health and fitness (food and nutrition) the easiest one. All our meals are scientifically engineered and produced for ultimate fitness and health development. 


  • Organic 
  • Calorie Control 
  • Based on latest science in nutrition 
  • High in Protein and Fiber
  • Low in sodium and sugar
  • Serving satisfaction
  • Accurately pre-cooked
  • Ready to be enjoyed hot or cold
  • Retort packaged for convenience and food safety
  • Not touched by people for food safety
  • Delivered to you for convenience and safety

We’re continuing to develop more meals and alternatives for everyone to enjoy with exactly the number of calories they want - including amazing plant based multi-meals that we’re looking forward to serve every hungry and fitness/health motivated person within the next few months.