Your OnFood, Your Choice

OnFood is sustainable all day, every day, but there are many other ways to incorporate OnFood’s organic, tasty, calorie-accurate meals into your daily diet.

Weekday workouts

Stick to OnFood through the week to maintain your calorie gap – and keep the weekends free for home-cooking or social eats.

Easy lunches

Use OnFood to cut the time it takes to work out and eat healthy in your lunch hour – then enjoy your usual evening meal with family or friends.

OnFood on the go

OnFood makes it easy to travel or get through a busy stretch without losing sight of your goal.

Get beach-ready

You could use OnFood for a dedicated period leading up to a vacation or special event.




“If I don’t buy the calories I don’t need, I can’t eat them!”

Carla yo-yo dieted for three years – then lost 10lbs in four weeks with OnFood

Carla Simons

“I never have snack cravings after an OnFood meal.”

OnFood keeps Mark satisfied all day so he no longer overeats in the evening.

Mark Pena

“OnFood is the healthiest choice to help me reach my fitness goals.”

Every OnFood meal is organic, treating Hallie’s body with the respect it deserves.

Hallie George